Enterprise culture

Core values : United, Pragmatic, Innovative and Developing  
The values are evaluation criteria of the existence significance of the company and the staffs, the selection criteria of the value of the act and the behavior guidance of the company and the staffs. The values are the core of company culture, determining and influencing the meaning and purpose of existence of the company, providing  basic direction and guidance for company existence and development and becoming foundation for forming common action regulations for staffs.
The company's development needs a pragmatic attitude. Decision-making must be based on the facts and respect the development rules of the market and the company, enabling the company to maintain sustainable development.
Work hard and be an honest person, embodying "pragmatic" specifically. "Pragmatic" is showed by the pursuit of excellence and high efficiency of the staffs. Meanwhile, professional dedication also reflects "pragmatic".  
"Innovation"means the company is able to seek opportunities and react rapidly in the fierce market competition.The Company encourages staffs to be innovative. It dares to take the risk of innovation to promote development.  
Learning is an important prerequisite for innovation. The company tries its best to cultivate a learning organization, and learning environment for the staffs. Information and knowledge are shared inside the company, promoting the improvement of the overall inner quality of staffs and business innovation to guarantee comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of the company. audemars piguet replica
"Development" is the essence of a company. The company has no life without development. The company insists development concept , arouses its all efforts to make the company developing, and persists technological innovation and hard working. It seeks faster, higher, better development ideas and direction. It fixes accurate positioning for the staffs, and fully mobilize the staffs' enthusiasm.  
Industrialization and modernization are speeding the consumption of natural energy and causing irreparable environmental pollution. As a clean renewable energy source, PV products are significant to the environment. The company will strive to promote more vigorous to use photovoltaic energy, and takes it as the mission and responsibilities.

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