NC300 WIFI PTZ IP Camera

NC300 WIFI PTZ IP Camera

Support Contact Information

United States: :+86-755-26417433 Mon-Fri 9:00-5:00 (PST)
Japan: :+86-755-26417433 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00
China: :+86-755-26417433 Mon-Fri 9:00-17:30
Email: [email protected]

Product Specification:

Product Number: NC300
Model: NC300

• 1/4inch CMOS sensor,M-JPEG Compression.
• Support two-way audio with build in Mic and speaker.
• P2P plug and play function,simple and convenient.
• Pan angle rotation:350°,tilt angle rotation:95°.
• 12pcs IR LED: IR irradiation distance up to10m
• Dual Filter automatically switch to confirm no partial color.
• Support WIFI 802.11b/g/n wireless network Support Motion alerts,can flexibly set your mail / FTP alarm Support Iphone,Andorid etc... Smart phone monitoring
• Support planned recording to Micro SD card,support local-storage.

Download Instructions and Manual

APK For Mobile Phone
YIPC is a free APK that transform your Android smartphone into an IP camera. You can watch the streamed video using the RTSP protocol.You can configure IP Camera to run when Android boots up.YIPC is a free app without any publicity.
PC Software For Windows
YIPC PC Software is a free software that transform your Windows pc into an IP camera. You can watch the streamed video,recording,and configure IP Camera.YIPC is a free software without any publicity.
Plug-In For IExplore
oPlay is a Plug-in for windows IExplore.After install this plug-in You can watch the streamed video,recording and configure IP Camera.oPlay is a free plug-in without any publicity.
IP Camera Finder
IP Camera Finder is search tool used to search IP Cameras located in LAN, and configures IP-Camera's settings.
User Manual
User Manual is intended to assist users with the operation of the IP camera and also to instruct on how to use APP and PC Software.

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